Vintage magic posters and related items from
the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

Title: The Queen of Magic
Lithographer: Strobridge, c 1911
*Ms. Foster is featured on the 
Thurston Chicago American poster.

Title: Chicago American
Size: 40 x 30 inches.
Date: c. 1911
Lithographer: Strobridge
Artist: George W. French This poster features Beatrice Foster, Thurston's third wife.

Title: Passing the Mantle
Size: Half sheet
Date: c. 1908
Lithographer: Strobridge
Note:  This image was also 
printed in a one sheet version.  

Title: All out of a Hat
Size: 25 X 38
Lithographer: Otis

Title: Million Dollar Mystery
Size: One sheet horizontal.
Lithographer: Otis

Title: Million Dollar Mystery
Size: One sheet - Vertical
Lithographer: Otis

Eight sheet poster by Strobridge Litho.
From the collection of Alan J. Kanter.

Size: One sheet
Date: c. 1910
Lithographer: Strobridge

Size: One sheet - 39 x 26 inches
Date: c. 1918
Lithographer: Otis

Titles: The Whirling Crystal Cage, Portrait & The Prisoner of Canton.  Date: 1907 - Size: 6 x 3 inch on window card stock.
Lithographer: Strobridge Lithography, Cincinnati, Ohio.

These widow cards were issued by Kellar as Thurston was about to take over his show.  Thus the quote on the card reads "will be the Greatest".  When the show was taken over by Thurston in 1908, his subsequently printed material read, "is the Greatest".  

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