Posters for sale - Own a piece of magic history

Welcome to an exhibit of posters that are for sale.  All of the posters are available by purchase or trade.  Use prices shown as a guide if you are considering offering a poster for trade.

On the “Posters for sale” pages you’ll see thumbnail images of the posters and pricing information of the posters that are available.  The images shown are representations of the offered posters. 

Poster dimensions are listed on the performer’s page on   If you have a serious interest in a specific posters, please email  Photos of the actual poster and detailed information will be sent to you.

All posters have been professionally backed/mounted (Canvas/Japanese rice paper).  All posters have been stored  flat.  All posters are in "A" to "B" condition.  Send a message to MagicDocent ( for detailed images and information on a specific poster.  

Click on the pages links to see wonderful things.  Thanks for looking.

Vintage magic posters and related items from
the golden age of magic, 1890 - 1930.

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Clementine de Vere, Frank Godsol, Frank Tchitcherine, Prince Vladimir Eristavi Tchitcherine, Elise de Vere, Ionia, Sheila Ballingal, Herman Weedon, Charles de Vere, Cyril de Vere,